How to Get Bigger Flames in a Gas Fire Pit?

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Gas fire pits are a great way to warm up your home. The only drawback is that their flames can be difficult to control as they also produce bigger flames. However, they do require a little more upkeep with the occasional clean-up and refueling of the tank

How to get bigger flames in a gas fire pit? Gas fire pits are popular because of the convenience that it offers. They’re safe, cheap to run, and offer larger flames than a traditional fireplace. But they need consistent care like cleaning out the ashes from time to time and refueling the gas tank occasionally.

You should consider adding a gas fire pit to your patio or backyard if you think it might come in handy for entertaining guests on a chilly day or giving your home more of a modern look by replacing your old fireplace.

What Is a Gas Fire Pit?

A gas fire pit is a type of fire that uses liquid fuel such as natural gas, propane, or butane to create heat and light. They are becoming more popular with recent technological advancements.

They offer benefits such as easy start-up and use, simplicity of use, and cleanliness. With all-new designs available there are now more options than ever to meet the needs of any outdoor space.

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Tips and Tricks to Get Bigger Flames in a Gas Fire Pit and Why You Should Start With the Smaller Fuel Capacity First

Tips and Tricks to Get Bigger Flames in a Gas Fire Pit

The best way to get bigger flames for your gas fireplace is to assemble the fire pit properly. Below we have listed some easy-to-follow tricks that can help you get bigger flames.

1. Choose A Gas Fir Pit With a Smaller Fuel Capacity

If you are going to purchase one and want bigger flames, you should start with the smaller fuel capacity first. Gas fire pits that have a smaller fuel capacity will provide more efficient heat and also produce less smoke. It will also give you more room on your deck or patio.

2. Provide Ample Heat From Underneath

The best way to ensure that your first burn goes well is by providing ample heat from underneath the grill. Why? It ensures that your flame has enough oxygen and food for combustion when you start lighting up logs.

3. Use the Right Gas for Your Fire Pit

This is important because different gas types have different properties that affect their performance. For example, propane burns more efficiently than natural gas and wood-burning fireplaces use low-quality types of gasses which produce more smoke than efficient ones.

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4. Set Your Flame to Medium-Low

Besides setting the flame to medium-low, make sure it can’t blow out of the burner by opening all the windows in your house and turning on fans to ensure proper airflow in your home.

5. Don’t Use a Cigarette Lighter

Avoid this as it can cause too much heat input into the fire pit which leads to larger flames but also a higher risk of igniting the surrounding materials or people nearby.

The 8 Most Effective Ways to Get Bigger Flames in Gas Fire Pits

There are many ways to increase the size of the flames. Some of these include adding more fuel, turning up the thermostat, and tamping down logs when needed. The most effective ways to get bigger flames have been listed below:

  1. Utilize High-Quality Fuel
  2. Have an Incinerator
  3. Use Tankless Heaters
  4. Keep Using Fresh Fuel
  5. Use Allowed Flame Height as You Convert Your Appliances
  6. Make Sure There is Plenty of Oxygen Available
  7. Keep Fire from Going Out or Extinguish Them When Finished
  8. Add Smoke for Larger Flames!

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Common Mistakes When Installing Fuel for Your Gas-Burning Fireplace Insert

Installing Fuel for Your Gas-Burning Fireplace Insert

Before you try to install your new fireplace insert, it is important to understand that the installation process can be tricky. For example, if you do not properly install your fireplace insert, it may cause a fire. This can lead to injuries and property damage.

The most common mistakes people make when installing their fireplace insert are as follows:

  • Improperly installing the gas lines – Cutting off the wrong circuit in the wiring system
  • Installing too much or too little wood so that there is insufficient fuel for your device and a shortage of oxygen for unattended fires
  • Improperly connecting gas lines to a gas appliance
  • Shortage of fuel in the system, unsafe operation, and fire risk
  • Violating the manufacturer’s instructions while installing a gas appliance

How to Keep Your Gas Firepit Burning Consistently and Longer?

When you first light your gas firepit, it may seem like the power is erratic and inconsistent. This is caused by the fuel pressure in your gas line not being regulated properly. To maintain a consistent flame, follow these steps:

  1. Keep your firepit level by adjusting the legs to match the ground and filling each with sand or pea gravel. You can also elevate it using rocks or bricks.
  2. Connect the regulator on your burner to a higher-pressure outlet (for example, one attached to a nearby air compressor hose).
  3. Open the pilot light on your burner
  4. Slowly and steadily raise the pressure on your burner until the flame is stable
  5. When the gas pressure stabilizes, slowly lower it to maintain a steady flame


The above article provides detailed information about getting bigger flames in a gas fire pit. There are several safety precautions that you have to consider while implementing the suggestions.

To get the most out of your gas fire pit and ensure you keep using it for years, you have to take adequate care while you are operating as well as while cleaning. Additionally, get it serviced by a professional agency from time to time.

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