What is The Chain for on a Gas Grill?

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In this guide, you’ll know about what is the chain for on a gas grill. The Chain is the metal that hangs the matchstick holder used for manually lighting the grill in a situation where there is an issue with the electronic ignitor system.

Hanging the match holder under the grill, you can find it after opening the lid. You need to look for a lighting hole on the side of your grill. After you see it, you can place the match in its curled end and then light a match using another matchstick.

Follow the steps detailed below to light up the gas grill using the chain and matchstick holder.

Using the Chain to Light a Gas Grill

By following the steps mentioned below, you can use the chain and the matchstick holder to light up the gas grill. Read and follow the instructions closely to ensure you do the steps correctly.

  1. Turn off all the burner controls of your grill
  2. Open the lid of the grill
  3. Turn on the gas supply
  4. Now, insert a match inside the hole of the matchstick holder. Follow this up by lighting the match
  5. Place the matchstick holder beside the lit match through the cooking grates. Allow it to pass the Flavorizer bars till it reaches the burner
  6. Now, turn on the left control for igniting the left burner. Take a look through the cooking grates for confirming that the flame has lit up
  7. Again, repeat steps 4,5, and 6 for the other burners. If any of the burners fail to ignite within 5 seconds, turn off the burner control knobs.
  8. Wait for about 5 minutes for allowing the gas to clear and repeating the steps.

Why My Gas Grill Doesn’t Light Up Automatically?

Why My Gas Grill Doesn’t Light Up Automatically

One of the best things about owning a gas grill is that it lets you cook your favorite meals quickly. However, there are cases when your grill may not light up automatically. Check out the causes listed below to see if they apply to your grill:

1. Dirt or Rust

For this reason, let’s get rid of any dirt and rust on the tank and between its connections. There should also be no food remnants near the connections as it could create an issue with them.

2. Connection Issues from Gas Tank To Grill

Another possible cause for this issue is a spark between the gas tank and the grill itself. This can happen when one of these parts has a loose connection or has been damaged by water or excess dirt/rust particles in it.

3. Weather Conditions

Weather can have a significant impact on the performance of gas grills, which might be an explanation for their lack of automatic lighting.

When it is cold outside, the fuel lines in your grill might freeze, preventing them from heating and igniting your gas. When the weather is wet, you may have drainage issues and gasoline may wash away some of the chemicals in your tank.

4. Check Ignitor Batteries

As with most appliances today, gas grills need a steady power supply to light up. If you are trying to light up your grill but don’t see any sparks and hear no clicks, you may need to check for any battery leaks in the ignition system.

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What Are Gas Grills?

Gas grills are one of the most popular ways to cook food. They can be used for many different uses like cooking chicken, beef, and pork.

They are a type of cooking appliance that uses direct or indirect heat from burning charcoal, natural gas, or propane to cook food in searing heat. It is a modern version of an outdoor cooking method called “barbecuing“.

Gas Grills vs Charcoal Grills

Gas grilling is better than charcoal grilling because gas grills use less fuel and are more reliable. They can maintain a more consistent temperature and keep your food from burning. Other important reasons are:

  • Though gas grills may cost more than their charcoal counterparts, they are capable of cooking food faster and with less mess. Gas grills are known for their convenience and ease of use.
  • They can be used on a wide range of foods and adjust heat levels easily. There is also an option for a “grill” mode, which allows the user to lower the temperature to cook delicate food.
  • The coals in charcoal grills also burn out quickly and start to smoke when not properly lit. With gas grills, you have adjustable heat levels as well as timers that can help prevent burning your food or overcooking it when you’re headed out to eat.
  • Lastly, gas grills also have easy-to-use features such as preheating, and keeping the grill at the desired temperature. If you choose gas, you will be getting an even cooking experience with all the benefits of charcoal plus the convenience of gas.

Concluding Remarks

For those of you who ever wondered why there is a chain hanging from the grill, we have compiled the details above. To summarize, the chain is there for placing a matchstick and starting the grill when there is an issue with the automatic ignition system.

The above article intends to help you use the chain to light up the gas grill easily. However, necessary precautions need to be taken when you are implementing the steps mentioned above.

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